Nembutsu Retreat in Japan 2019

2019 Schedule:

7 Day Nembutsu Retreats in the Japan Alps, at the Tao Sangha International Retreat Centre in Matsumoto, Nagano.

April 27 ~ May 3

August 10 ~ 16

October (TBA)

December (TBA)

Some quotes from participants of the recent October Nembutsu High:

“I’m not dependent on Sangha, I’m part of Sangha and Sangha is part of me; I feel unified with Sangha, and I’m sure this feeling will grow more in the future.”

“What inspired me most was watching the group at the Sangha grow and change in the love  of  and  for  Amida Buddha. Chanting Nembutsu together as one family – it is possible- through this practice, to be the example; to transfer the great love of Amida and to let others experience this through us.
Namu Amida Butsu
“Accepting my ego and putting Amida into my heart creates so much energy!”
“Through the grace and generosity of large-minded people of the Sangha, providing space and teachings, who shared the wisdom of Buddha, Dharma, with us and transmitted the tao practically to us, I felt uplifted and lighter.  It was very well organized and I am grateful to all the teachers and guides.  the food was excellent and the accommodation very good.  The group was so supportive and the feeling was happy.  We all looked so much more alive after the retreat and I look forward to the next one.  I am so grateful for the Dharma transmission and vow with Amida’s help to transmit it to others.”
“The time here with everyone was very meaningful, as I’m sure the treasures I will find, more and more, when I leave and go back home.  It was my wish, for a long time, maybe longer than this lifetime, to find family and people to walk with and learn how to pray with, and to deepen my beliefs in life, to help to heal.  I realized that many of my wishes have started to become true.  It is a surprise for my way of thinking that this can happen!  My wish now is to increase my focus, my strength, my motivation, to create and inspire.  Thank you!”
“I have a lot of gratitude to Amida and the teachers who helped me and supported me, confronting me when necessary, pushing me as far as I could go to awaken myself.  I know now what I have to do.  Thank you so much!  Namu Amida Butsu.”
“Now following this Nembutsu High, i can see my mission;  to let others believe there is a PureLand.  I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the people that made this event happen, and gave me the support and example to follow.  With all my love, and from the deepest ‘potchi’ to the 12 Lights.”