Earth Caravan Québec

Join us for the Earth Caravan Québec, summer 2017

In 2015, Tao Sangha launched the Earth Caravan Project: a global intercultural pilgrimage to share peace, healing and happiness in the world through music, art, and Tao Shiatsu therapy. This summer the Caravan will once again travel to the North Shore of Quebec to visit the Innu communities of Nutashkuan et Ekuanitshit (Natashquan et Mingan).

First Nation’s communities in Québec continue to endure inter-generational trauma as a result of resident schools in the mid-twentieth century. This unaddressed and neglected situation has resulted in a myriad of negative social, emotional and psychological effects, which continue to hamper the positive development of the community as a whole.

The goals of the Earth Caravan’s visit to Mingan and Natasquan will be to:

  • reinforce links with the Innu community and learn about their culture
  • provide Tao Shiatsu therapy to members of the community with chronic physical or psychological pain and/or injuries
  • give art and mindfulness workshops to children and teens centred around sharing, positive thinking and cooperation
  • give therapeutic workshops to parents and children to help each other heal from the effects of trauma
  • share meditative healing practices with the community
  • conduct deep listening circles

A group of Tao Shiatsu therapists will take the 1,500 km voyage in order to share their knowledge and skills for the betterment of one and all. Volunteer Tao Shiatsu treatments, thematic workshops, interfaith chanting and common meals will be organized in order to meet and find common ground for the spiritual growth and development of all.

Everyone is invited to join! And all donations are very much appreciated. So that the Caravan’s message of hope, peace and freedom can spread to as many people as possible.

For more information please contact us at: 514-447-3202 or by email:

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