Eastern Holistic Health Practices at Madison College

Tao Sangha Healing Center Madison ~ 2330 Willard Ave. ~ (608) 257-4662

Holistic Health Training Course at Madison Area Technical College

Course beginning March 20

Understand Eastern holistic approaches to health and healing by experiencing six mind/body health practices, including yoga, Renki (Japanese tai chi), meditation, and the hands-on healing therapy of Shiatsu (see below). These practices release stress, strengthen concentration, and cultivate a calm responsibility for your own state of mind. Develop self-awareness and become more focused, positive and compassionate for others. Participants, please wear comfortable clothing.


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The guiding principles of the class are based on Buddhist philosophies, and will include Buddhist chanting meditations, however one doesn’t need to become Buddhist to practice and benefit.

Instructor: Deborah Bachmann
8 Mondays 6:30pm-8:30pm 3/20-5/8 2017
Truax Health Building 141P
Course number #62637 $179
Please register with Madison College (608) 258-2301 Ext. 2
No experience necessary. Everyone is Welcome!

Tao Sangha Healing Center Madison
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(608) 257-4663
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