Madison Nembutsu Chanting Meditation – Wednesdays, beginning in December

Tao Sangha Healing Center Madison ~ 2330 Willard Ave. at Ohio Ave. ~ (608) 257-4663

Wednesdays 7:00-8:15pm
Nembutsu Buddhist Chanting Meditation ~ 1 hour session followed by 15 minutes of practices or Dharma talk.
Everyone welcome, no experience necessary!

Experience the world of Buddha’s spirit! The ancient practice of Nembutsu musical chanting is a meditative spiritual practice of the Pure Land style of Japanese Buddhism. “Nem” means to visualize or to wish and “butsu” is the Buddha. While chanting we wish for the happiness and spiritual growth of everyone; our friends & family, the world, all beings.

Mokugyo   SONY DSC

For newcomers, there is time spent at the beginning of Nembutsu to practice visualizing, heart-felt prayers, chanting melodies, bowing, drumming, etc.

Sometimes we also do one of the following:Heart of Communication

1. Learn and practice Healing Communication, which is based on Buddhist principles. Through this practice we can help heal the pain and suffering of others, including ourselves and create a bright future. Practice time will be in pairs and small groups with guidance using your real life concerns. It’s a chance to listen to others from your heart with 100% acceptance & care, without judgment or projection. By understanding the interdependence of all beings we develop deeper compassion and connect more deeply in daily life with our friends, family co-workers, society, and the world.

Heart of Communication 22. Heart Conversation is practiced in pairs and small groups with guidance to focus on conversation as a way to grow spiritually. Practice involves being attentive and active to support everyone to share equally and to enjoy the conversations. The effect of this practice seems to be that we will naturally become more present in conversations and more of a positive and uplifting person with our friends & family, and all others we meet in our daily life.

3. Dharma talk with Annie Bachmann and discussion afterwards aim to promote a deeper understanding of Buddhist Universal principles.

Tao Sangha Healing Center Madison
2330 Willard Ave. Madison, WI 53704
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