Madison Nembutsu Chanting Meditation – Mondays

Tao Sangha Healing Center Madison ~ 2330 Willard Ave. at Ohio Ave. ~ (608) 257-4663

On Mondays 7:00-8:15pm, ongoing each week..

For those new to Nembutsu chanting, please arrive at 6:45pm for an introduction and kindly RSVP beforehand.

What is Tao Sangha?


The Ancient practice of Nembutsu musical chanting is a meditative spiritual practice of the Pure Land style of Japanese Buddhism.
“Nem” means to visualize or to wish and “butsu” is the Buddha. While chanting we wish for the happiness and spiritual growth of everyone; our friends & family, the world, all beings.
Nembutsu creates a joyful and deeply tranquil feeling that is quite unique, and also positively affects the whole universe. We truly wish that everyone can experience this feeling.
MokugyoThis Chanting practice is musical Nembutsu in harmony. It also includes drumming and bowing. Music unifies everyone on a deep level, beyond borders and beyond time. The musical mantras and prayers, and sounds of the bell and drums penetrate into our Buddha nature (our true self) and unify all beings.

Each chanting session will be followed by one or more of these:

~ Dharma talks (by Annie Bachmann) and discussions afterwards aim to promote a deeper understanding of Buddhist universal principles
~ Meridian Yoga or Renki (Tai Chi)
~ Heart of Communication Practices

No experience necessary …… Everyone is Welcome!
Freely given, Donations accepted
Please RSVP by Emailing or Calling in advance

Tao Sangha Healing Center Madison
2330 Willard Ave. at Ohio Ave. Madison, WI 53704
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