Ki and the Heart School – Montreal


Introduction to Ki Shin Do (The Way of Ki and Heart): a 12-week bodhisattva course

Experience the depth of your Heart, the magical power of Ki (life energy essence) and its capacity to enable us to create a happier and abundant life for ourselves and others.

Classes begin on Wednesday, April 5th to June 21st from 9 am to 11 am. The total cost of the courses is $ 240 and will be donated to the Earth Caravan Project. Receive a 10% discount if you register with a friend.

You will learn:
– Meridian Stretching: a form of partner yoga for increasing Ki.
– Ki Oneness: exercises to discover how to unify with others and the world.
– Heart Practice: exercises to broaden one’s awareness of how the Ki world and Heart state affects all life.
– Renki: individual movement exercises ( moving meditation) to strengthen Ki.
– Aiki: martial artistry that develops energy-body sensitivity
– Sangha Shiatsu: a short Shiatsu form based on Tao Shiatsu.
– Ki Meditation: Meditation in which we pray for the spiritual development and happiness of all beings.

“This is definitely different. I have never had such an immediate and direct experience in feeling other’s Ki, seeing how much my intentions can influence others. I realized my responsibility towards others and the world.” Maria S. (former Ki & Heart student)

What Ki Shin Do Means in My Life:
The life flowing through each of us and through everything and everyone around us is all connected. Every day we make dozens of choices about taking action in the world. Many times we are faced with having to decide between actions that contribute in a positive way to the world and actions that have neutral or even negative effects.

Living like a bodhisattva means living each moment dedicated to preserving our connection with the source of existence and all living things. In doing so, we transform our lives, as well as all of human life, from negative to positive, from lack to good fortune, and from isolation to connection.