Open House: Tao Sangha Montreal

Come and experience the fundamental practices of Mahayana Buddhism at our Open House: Tao Sangha Montreal!

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Heal yourself. Heal others. Create peace and happiness in the world.
In Tao Sangha, we envision a world where peoples’ lives become richer through the act of giving. We believe that each one of us is responsible for the bright future of our world and that our creativity and actions have a rippling effect on everyone’s life.

Come and discover the healing of Tao Shiatsu, Nembutsu healing chanting, Ki practices and much more.

Tao Sangha practices also involve cultivating awareness of Ki (also know as Chi), a universal life energy that can be experienced directly. This is done through Nembutsu (Pure Land Buddhism chanting meditation), Renki (standing meditative movements that boost the circulation, “ren,” of Ki) and Ki Shin Do (literally “The Way of Ki and Heart”). Ki Shin Do is a type of Eastern martial art in the form of participatory exercises that deepen one’s heart state and urge connection with others.

Tao Shiatsu is a unique Ki-based healing practice. Tao Shiatsu treats the whole person through the application of steady continuous pressure along the meridians (or Ki channels) in the neck, back, arms, hands, and feet. Assisted stretches and the treatment of specific release points complement this healing process. Tao Shiatsu stimulates the body’s internal healing power by releasing stagnated and toxic and the restored flow allows for stress, pain, and disease to be healed at the source.

More about the Tao Shiatsu treatment:

Tao Sangha created the Earth Caravan Project – a global interfaith pilgrimage of peace, healing and bearing witness to the pain and trauma of the world through words, art, music and Tao Shiatsu therapy. In the summer of 2015, the Earth Caravan traveled to Hiroshima (Japan), Vienna and Prague (with special stops in Auschwitz and Dachau) and also to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Palestine. In August 2016, Earth Caravan traveled to visit the Innu communities on the Quebec’s north shore.

Tao Sangha centres can be found all over the world in Japan, North America, Europe, and Israel. Visit the website for our North American centres:

Snacks and tea will be served

Don’t have our address? Not to worry:

Tao Sangha Montréal Center
2000 Northcliffe, suite #302
Montréal, QC H4A 3K5
(metro Vendome)
Tel: 514-447-3202