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N'oubliez pas notre session de l'automne de L'école du Bouddha ! (Buddha school), ça commence le 15 Novembre pour 12 semaines.
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3 months ago

Tao Sangha Montréal

The Songs of Tao

Cultivate the Tao [Poem 01]

“Tao Heart”
is the state of Ki produced by the heart.
However, it is not something that you can receive just for yourself.
Therefore, it is something that needs to be shared with other people.

To cultivate the Tao.
to devote oneself day after day so that the Tao Heart of other people deepens.
If there is no such action,
your cultivation cannot be considered authentic.

In the human heart there is light and darkness.
To awaken to the Tao Heart.
Also to recognize the darkness inherent within oneself.

Without recognizing this darkness, the light can’t be recognized.
In other words, without the recognition of your own negativity,
your Tao Heart will not emerge.
This is because we are human, not celestial beings.

The process by which people awaken to the Tao Heart.
Is through…
the difficult journey of the heart,
during which the negativity and the ego that were hidden within oneself
keep bursting out into the open.

To spread the Tao.
to help people to awaken to their Tao Heart,
it means accompany them
on this difficult path.

By cultivating the Tao,
you will reach an awareness.
That the negative hearts you had so far considered to be unrelated to yourself,
are in fact inherent within yourself.

It is precisely through such self-reflection and remorse that people
awaken to the Tao Heart,
and also start to live a life led by the One.

There is no growth without suffering.
The awakening of your Tao Heart
will also be associated with suffering.
Therefore, people who support your growth
will also have to share your suffering.

This is because…
if there a part of yourself that cannot fully face or confront its own darkness,
this part will prevent you from realizing that the Tao is the mirror of your heart,
and it will raise doubts about the Way.

Additionally, you will also project your own negativity
to the person who is your guide on the path of the Tao Heart.

Thus your guide
will also have to receive the negativity,
which you produce while on the path to awakening to your Tao Heart.

Despite this,
your guide to the Tao Heart
will keep accompanying you on this path.

Will keep earnestly wishing that
someday you will grow up,
becoming one who will guide others to the Tao Heart.

Will keep earnestly wishing that
whatever the extent of the darkness in your heart
your spiritual ambition and determination will surpass it.

This darkness in your heart
that emerges because you cultivate the Tao.
You have to assume it yourself,
and through your own wish
become able to transform it into light.
This is a proof that your spirit has grown.

Before long, you will become able to clearly distinguish between the light and the darkness of your heart.

Then, without getting dragged into darkness
you will express your true self by showing great love and conviction.
This is a proof that your spirit has grown.

And without depending on those who guided you,
without forcing others to support you,
you will eventually carry the Tao.

You have become able to stand on your own two feet.

As someone who has grown up, your self will vanish,
and you will stand on the side of the Tao.

In yourself there is no longer anything that you could call “standing on your side.”

Your spirit will lead others towards the Tao Heart.
You have truly entered the gate.
The Tao has been handed down.
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