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1 day ago

Tao Sangha Montréal

Other Force – (Tariki no Jikaku)

Other Force is universal life.
Other Force is the source of creation.
Other force is the spirit of The One.
Other force is Tao itself, which exists inside of you.

If you imagine self force as one wave, Other Force is the whole ocean.
Self force is only a limited amount of space and time to work for.
Other Force has infinitive wideness.

Other Force is hidden from your ego conscious.
That’s because it is too wide for your ego to recognize it.
Other Force is the blind spot of your ego.

Ego makes you focus on yourself.
And tries to make you think that ego has power.

Yes, ego has a power.
But power to put yourself into a tiny spot.
Ego will bring you to a very limited and boring life.
And will not let you be free to have absolute heart, void, heart of the universe.

Have relief from the belief that ego has the power to make you or your life better.
For it is such a great pity that many people have to live with this illusion.
But if the Other Force is not awakening, there is no other choice but depending on the useless ego power.

Receiving the spirit of Tao is equal to awakening to the Other Force.
With only the Other Force, we will be able to practice Tao Shiatsu, Ki shindo, and Nembutsu.
Other force is the source of all power.
Other force is everything of everything.

Relax and feel the Other Force inside and outside of you.
Any hope you have will be realized by the Other Force.
Feel happy and have gratitude to The One in advance,
For the realization of your hope, even before it happens.

Keep this feeling for a moment or a while.
Be in this state any amount of times a day, whenever you have time to do it
Other force will take care of its realization.
That’s because The One parentally loves you.

Try to be in this state all the time.
Look forward to every next moment to wonderful things that will happen.
If every moment is the process of realizing all your hopes,
Why not every moment of the heart be happiness and gratitude to The One?

Faith towards the Other Force is absolute relief from fear to the future.
Faith, is knowing just how much you are loved by The One, and that only a bright future is waiting for you,
Either in your lifetime, or after your death.
That is where the state of absolute leaving up to, depending on, giving up to The One comes from.

Just have pure faith and unlimited devotion to Tao.
There is a moment of receiving when the Other Force comes.
Whenever you receive the Other Force, expand it by imagining The One.
Wisdom and the Great Love of The One starts to flow out from deep inside of you like a rich spring.
As more your self force disappears, infinitive power of the Other Force appears.

Other force is the true treasure of your life.
Receiving wisdom and great love is the only way to clear your spirit and create true happiness.
When you are embraced by the Other Force, the infinitive spirit of The One.
Deep peace will continuously blow to you like cherry blossoms.
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1 week ago

Tao Sangha Montréal

Geza. (Put yourself under the Tao).

Put yourself under the Tao is the meaning of Geza.
As water only goes to lower levels, those who receives the spirit of Tao will put themselves under the Tao.
And, because one's attitude towards the Tao, the world, and others is synchronized, when your heart is under the Tao, your heart is under the world and others as well.

When you have the attitude to take, you will automatically be on top.
It’s because you can not take by being under.
If you are giving something physically, but your heart is on top of the receiver,
It means you are taking Ki from others.
And if you are expecting to be praised by this action of giving,
It will be called ashura (fighting hell) goodness as well as above.

If your purpose of giving is to give your heart to others,
Even you are giving something physically,
Your heart will never be on top of others.
If your action of giving is because of wishing that others will also have the heart of giving,
Your heart will never be on top of others.

You are putting yourself under because you are wishing to give the "heart of giving" to others.
You are putting yourself under not because you are a slave or manipulated by somebody.
You are putting yourself under because of your noble heart.

Put yourself one skin under but not more than three skins under.
If you are putting yourself three skins under, it might be because you are looking up to somebody because of a social position, but not putting yourself under the Tao.
If you are putting yourself three skins under,
It might be because you want to be loved by that person, not because you want to give to others.

Be careful of your desire of being a slave to somebody you look up to.
This behaviour could come from an unhealthy part of human beings.

Bringing someone up and putting yourself under, is not the same.
Bringing someone up is because you want something.
But to put yourself one skin under is to give.
Bringing someone up creates separation.
But putting yourself one skin under unifies both.

Bringing someone up could come from not valuing yourself.
Be careful, sometimes there are reasons which are hidden underneath, in this attitude.
And reasons come from less respect to Tao.

Put yourself under is because you respect Tao.
And because you know that Tao is spirit.

In the case of somebody being on top of you, or other person
That moment is the time you decide, which direction your heart should go.
Either you let yourself enjoy it or put effort to be one skin over that person, to stop increasing his or her ashura karma.
When you are facing that person as a representative of Tao,
You must help that person in that way for a short moment by being under Tao.
But if it's not something serious, enjoy their enjoyment of being on top of you or others, like cute children sometimes do to adults.

If somebody put him or herself under you, in that moment you must put more effort to put yourself one skin under that person.
Because, otherwise you will be automatically one top of that person even if you don't mean to.

The easiest moment ashura karma appears is when you see someone purely under you.
That's why attending Tao Sangha class could be most challenging for you.

When you are standing in front of someone as a representative of Tao,
and if they look down at you,
What you can do is, either, you pretend as if you are stupid,
Or in the case to transmit Tao,
Make them admire you, to bring them to the point where they are able to respect Tao.

When you are standing in front of someone as a representative of Tao,
and if they admire you,
Try not to let them admire you but to admire Tao itself.

Geza practice is moment to moment work, because it is the heart to put yourself under Tao.
Geza is daily practice towards anyone you meet, either they are on top of you or under you.
Geza is endless practice, because as people become more under you, you need more effort to put yourself under them.
You are always putting yourself under Tao to unify and to transmit the spirit of Tao to all people.
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2 weeks ago

Tao Sangha Montréal

Musa ( Non Action)
Sangha Work is heart work to transmit the heart of Tao.
Make this clear to yourself and don't lose a chance to do unlimited sangha work in your life.

Because transmitting Tao Heart is for all beings without limit.
And the depth of Tao is without limit.
Therefore in sangha work, there will be no poor heart like merchandise by calculating how much you will give To Tao and how much you can take from Tao.

If you don't limit your sangha work, your Ki and heart will expand like Tao unlimitedly,
And there will be no space between you and Tao.

If you know the infinitive- ness of Tao, you always feel as if you haven't done anything,
Regardless of how much sangha work you have done.
And this state is called Musa.

From Musa, all your hidden creativity appears.
All your hidden ability appears.
The infinitive heart of Tao appears from you.
From Musa, you will receive the life force of the universe.

It is written in the classics of oriental medicine as;
“Shinjin” (reaching Tao person). Has no recognition, of their distinction or ability.
“Shinjin” (filled with Tao person). Has no self.
“Shinjin” (following Tao Person). Has no name, (not expected to be praised)

As in this teaching,
The Ki of your existence disappears when you do the sangha work.
Don’t let ego appear to others that you are doing something.
Don’t let ego think that "I have done something".
Share your sangha work with others as much as you can,
So as, to share the immeasurable merit of Tao with others.

As your Ki disappears more in the sangha work ,Tao appears more..
Try not to let yourself be praised.
Try to let Tao be praised.
Realize that,
It is not yourself doing the sangha work.
The Spirit of The One is doing the sangha work through you.
Sangha work itself is the presence of The One.

The definition of sangha work is that,
Your wish for the world will be realized even if you don't exist now or in the future.
Because if your wish for the world, is from your deepened, Setsu heart (internal sangha) ,
It must not be just your own wish but the Universal wish of all beings.

And if your wish is pure, clear and strong enough, it certainly will transmit to other people.
And other people will start to carry your wish as well.
And that's how it will spread to the world and over the generations.
What can be such a valuable thing to be spread to the world and over the generations?
Isn't it only “The Wish of Tao”?
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