Syrian Winter Clothing Event -Toronto

Syrian Winter Clothing Event

This September, Tao Sangha volunteers with support from CultureLink  ( are planning an event to help recently arrived Syrian refugees get ready for the winter here in Toronto.   Most of the Syrian families that will take part in this event are not sponsored, meaning they do not have as much consistent support as sponsored families do.  So what are the details of this event?

We are asking for our community to bring in used or new winter clothing for infants, children and adults, on Saturday September 22, between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm to St Pius X Catholic School, 71 Jane Street (view map here) .  We ask that clothing donated be clean and functional with all buttons, no tears, working zippers, etc.

We will later distribute the clothing to over 100 families.

With everyone working together, we can make this event a great success, and give these families the warm welcome that ALL newcomers deserve.  By making them feel cared for, they in turn will eventually pay it forward and make this world a better for place for everyone.

Please call us for more information or to volunteer on the collection day and/or on the distribution day. and make a constructive contribution to the community!  High school students are welcome and can receive community hours credited towards their community service hours for High School.  Donations can be made to culturelink Syrian clothing drive – through .

To listen to a recent radio interview about the Clothing Drive on .New Canadian Life, CJRU Radio in Toronto, please click the play icon below.