Healing Nembutsu and Dharma Talk

We wish for all people who are experiencing or carrying any kind of pain or underlying fears to feel peace and relief. In Nembutsu practice, we pray that all attending, all our family members and friends, everyone in the world, and all beings in the universe develop spiritually and receive the merit, wisdom, compassion, and great love of Amida Buddha.

While chanting Japanese Buddhist musical mantras and prayers and continuously visualizing Amida Buddha throughout a prolonged period of chanting, practitioners go into a deep meditative state. Nembutsu creates a joyful and deeply tranquil feeling that is quite unique, and mysteriously spreads to the whole world. We truly wish that everyone experiences this feeling.

Today’s theme is “Dharma Study”, Heart Sutra explained by Yutaka Toyoda.

Free or by donation (all proceeds will go to support our local and international charitable projects).

Everyone is welcome!

Friday, September 19 7:00pm-9:00pm
Roundhouse Community Centre
Davie & Pacific

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Yutaka Toyoda: After 20 years as an equestrian stable manager , trainer, and instructor in two countries, Yutaka encountered Tao Sangha activities and teachings which guided him to change his life concept completely, becoming a Tao Shiatsu Practitioner.
In 2009, he completed intensive teacher training in Kyoto, Japan. Yutaka is passionate to share and transmit the heart of Tao Shiatsu―the way of healing of the Buddha.