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Discover the power of the human heart, realize your true mission as a human being, and feel your inherent connection to All That Is (the Great Spirit of the Universe) with Tao Sangha North America

We bring the fundamental beliefs and practices of Buddhism alive so that our creativity and actions can have a ripple effect on everyone’s life.

Through the practice of Flame of Hope healing chanting, the study and practice of Tao Shiatsu (Eastern healing medicine), and providing economic and social support for communities in need, both locally and globally, Tao Sangha helps individuals uncover their true wish and develop means to accomplish it.

Through Tao Sangha teachings, you will experience the four kinds of enlightenment that exist within your heart, including:

  • The True Vow of Peace
  • The Wisdom of Freedom
  • The Great Love of Happiness
  • The Infinite Development of Joyfulness

You will learn how to accomplish your life’s mission and how to transfer the benefits and merit to others, regardless of faith or religion.

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Elias Morkos

Tao Shiatsu Introductory Course: Montreal

Take the first steps to becoming a certified Tao Shiatsu practitioner Saturday-Sunday, September 23-24, 2023 The Tao Shiatsu Introductory course will teach you how to

Kenchi Mogi

Quantum Theory and Buddhism

When you play any sports, it is better to know the rules of the game, otherwise you can’t play it, and there is no way

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Join us for Nembutsu chanting to help ourselves and other to heal


Come to one of our Tao Shiatsu centers to heal body and soul


Help the people who needs it with our charitable projects


Learn with us to grow your heart and spirit

What We Believe


Flame of Hope Chanting

The Wada-Ji Temple is a place devoted to meditative chanting (Nembutsu Samadhi) for the happiness and spiritual development of all beings. It is open to all. The temple is created in the Pure Land style of Japanese Buddhism.

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Tao Shiatsu

TAO SHIATSU therapy is a revolutionary Eastern medical treatment. It treats the whole person on physical, emotional, and energetic levels. Tao Shiatsu is one of the most profound ways to improve your health, quality of life, and to attain a state of balance and happiness.

Tao Shiatsu is based on the Taoist concepts of unification with the Universal Spirit, and deep compassion for all human beings. In the spirit of Eastern Medicine’s holistic approach to health, the meridian method of Tao Shiatsu is the expression of the practitioner’s heart and spirit. Sustained pressure is given to specific release points along the receiver’s meridians in all parts of the body. No oils are used and you remain comfortably clothed throughout the session.

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Through Earth Caravan and the Flame of Hope, Tao Sangha provides support and care to people and communities in need, both locally and globally. 

The Earth Caravan is a global interfaith pilgrimage dedicated to peace, healing and justice for the most traumatic places on our planet. Since 2015 the Earth Caravan has travelled from Nagasaki to Hiroshima, from Auschwitz to Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina and to Serbia, and from the First Nations of Canada to Israel and Palestine. The Flame of Hope aims to change the world by lighting the spark of hope for peace in children’s hearts. Working hand in hand, the Flame of Hope aims to spread this wish around the world.


At Tao Sangha Centers an array of courses and workshops are offered that allow students to develop their heart and spirit. 

  • Tao Shiatsu therapy, a hands-on Eastern medical treatment, is taught at our certified Tao Shiatsu Schools
  • Power of Ki workshops allow people to experience the magical power of Ki (universal life energy) and its capacity to help us create a happier and more abundant life for ourselves and others
  • Buddha School enables students to live and experience the teachings of the Buddha
  • Heart of Communication courses teach people to listen and communicate with empathy and compassion and make the world more enjoyable and life-affirming

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