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What is Tao Sangha

Tao Sangha is a global community of people who believe and promote a way of living based on Buddhist principles of compassion, empathy, and  spiritual development for all beings. Founded in 2001 by Buddhist priest Ryokyu Endo, the Tao Sangha International network links branches in Japan, Europe, Canada, and the U.S. Tao Sangha is a Buddhist Temple, Tao Shiatsu Clinic & School, and non profit organization. all with the wish to unite peoples and cultures beyond the differences of religion and ideology, nationality and ethnicity.

Tao Sangha’s base spiritual practice of Nembutsu Samadhi chanting is a revival of the original spirit of Mahayana Buddhism that allows practitioners to deepen the oneness experience and be inspired to take action for the benefit of all beings.

Locally and globally Tao Sangha offers unique fundraising and charitable activities, classes and in-depth training in Tao Shiatsu therapy, Buddha School, and Ki and Heart studies as well as regular Buddhist chanting sessions that anyone can join.

With each activity, there is the opportunity and work to see one’s own heart, to understand life, to experience unity with Buddhist spirit, share one’s mission and bring SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, HAPPINESS, HARMONY and HEALTH for all.


The Path of Tao Sangha

Tao Sangha is a place to practice and develop spirituality, life-giving energy, and physical and emotional well-being. A place free

Tao Sangha

What is Tao Sangha

  Tao Sangha is The Way to create happiness and freedom in your life. As we can see from the

Tao Sangha’s Dream

In Tao Sangha we envision a world where people’s lives become rich through the heart of giving. We feel that

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