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Giving is what brings True Happiness
Tao Sangha’s Global Uni Community is a unique non-profit that believes that each person has something meaningful to give to others. If all people realize and nurture their dreams, how much richer and more alive the world will become! Uni stands for the wish that all of us can be Universally Unified with respect to each other’s Uniqueness.
The more we give to others for their true happiness, the happier we’ll be! Imagine for one moment, giving to others as if giving to your own children, without any measuring or keeping score.
In reality, everyone has experienced the pleasure of giving without thinking about what they will get in return. How can we tap into, nurture and develop this giving heart that is common to all of us?
Human beings are currently facing many problems on earth; poverty, environmental disasters, violence, isolation and despair to just name a few. Children have always symbolized our hope for the future but many youth growing up today are having a hard time imagining a bright future for themselves and the world.
To face this myriad of problems, we must first recognize the inherent spiritual nature of this crisis. The problems and solutions lie within the individual, collective and Universal heart. If we see this clearly, we can overcome these problems with passion, imagination, wisdom and love. With clear hearts we can arrive at the next stage of development in our spiritual progress.
The global community movement of Tao Sangha offers guidance for a way of living and giving for the spiritual development of everyone, including ourselves.
The mission of Global Uni Community is to assist each person in discovering their heart’s wish to give something meaningful to others. The activities of Global Uni arise out of a commitment to care for each other and really live as one – beyond the distinctions of ideology, culture, race, religion and nationality. The income from all of these activities, along with member fees, is used to support local and international aid projects.
Global Uni Community is a chance to shift our direction as human beings from taking to giving. Global Uni Community invites anyone wishing to experience our inherent compassion and natural generosity to join in and participate in this venture.

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world…”
John Lennon

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