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Uni Currency

Uni Currency

Uni currency is based on the wish that everyone in the world be happy & rich in spirit & in life, and takes good care of one another. Global Uni Community recognizes that money needs to circulate, as blood does in our bodies, carrying nutrition to every corner of society. The purpose of Uni currency and the potential power of money is to make everyone’s lives rich, spiritually and physically.

The Uni DollarUni Currency

The Uni is a beautifully designed currency and is the same size as a dollar bill. The currency exists in 5 denominations ranging from 1 to 50 dollars.

Built-in 10% Donation

As an alternative to our regular government currency, which is based upon a system of interest which is a major cause of environmental destruction, inequality and poverty, Uni dollars have an integrated 10% system of donation. Each time you use Uni dollars you are giving back to the world by donating 10% towards charitable projects.

How does it work?

When you buy Uni its value is equal to $1 Canadian or U.S. dollar (1 dollar = 1 UNI).
When you convert Uni back to Canadian or U.S. dollars you receive 90¢ in your local currency, with the remaining 10¢ staying in the Uni bank. This built-in 10% donation, goes to GUC’s international & local aid projects to support people in need around the world.
Uni can be used at Tao Sangha Centres in North America for classes and goods. As the Uni becomes more and more known and used, we’ll be able to use it at local shops and restaurants.

It’s fun to exchange Uni! Learn the handshake!
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