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In Tao Sangha we envision a world where people’s lives become rich through the heart of giving. We feel that the world can be a better place, by people giving and helping each other. Tao Sangha is a community where the fundamental beliefs and practices of Buddhism are alive and where our creativity and actions have a ripple effect on everyone’s life.

Our activities reflect this belief. Within Tao Sangha people have the opportunity to study and experience living Buddhism and to study Oriental healing medicine like Tao Shiatsu. People can experience Heart of Communication training, similar to psychological counseling. Also there is ongoing fundraising and social support for communities and people in need, both locally and globally.

One of our dreams is to build a Sangha village on a large piece of land, with a practicing dojo, organic farming, and guesthouses. People would be welcome from all over the world to stay in this village for a short time or for extended periods. People could experience the various Tao healing practices or they could come and stay to reflect on their life. Teenagers could come to get away from troubled homes.

We believe that we can be responsible for the bright future of our world and have rich and creative lives by practicing Tao Sangha teachings. We believe so passionately that the study and healing of Tao Sangha is truly necessary for the world, now and into the future. We are working diligently to realize our dreams.

Tao is path of the Universal Heart, or Universal Way. Sangha is the community of all beings.

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