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Tao Shiatsu is energy medicine. Vital life energy, or “Ki”, is in constant movement. Pain and disease result from blockages in the movement of Ki. Tao Shiatsu treats the whole person through the application of steady continuous pressure along your meridians, or “ki channels” in the neck, back, arms, hands, legs and feet. Assisted stretches and the treatment of specific release points complement this healing process.
Tao Shiatsu stimulates your body’s internal healing power by releasing stagnated and toxic Ki, and the restored flow allows for stress, pain and disease to be healed from their source.
Health problems over the past four decades have become predominantly chronic in nature: neck and backaches, heart disease, cancer, allergies, lack of energy and depression, to name a few. Rapid changes to our natural and social environment have caused reactive physical and mental changes in human beings. Overwork and lack of sleep add to the stresses of modern life. Pressure and manipulation focused on the body alone are not enough in most cases to get to the root cause and effect change in these conditions. Neither are medications and surgeries that focus only on alleviating the symptoms of these problems.
As both a preventative and a form of treatment, Tao Shiatsu therapy is a refreshing way to enrich the quality of one’s life and promote better health, balance and happiness.

Tao Shiatsu SchoolTao Shiatsu Class2

Through our six-month introductory course you can experience the entrance to Tao Shiatsu. It was born from more than a quarter of a century of research and is a high level of medical manual therapy. After the six month introductory course, you can enter the level one course. We strongly believe that this therapy is a most effective manual treatment for healing the heart and body. There have been several books by Ryokyu Endo on Tao Shiatsu published in 7 different languages, and also a DVD has been released recently.
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