What is Tao Sangha

Tao Sangha


Tao Sangha is The Way to create happiness and freedom in your life.

As we can see from the lives of Jesus and the Buddha, the practice itself is the way of loneliness.Tao Kakejiku

All the ancient spiritual masters such as Honen, Dogen, Nichiren,* carried the subconsciousness of human beings and practiced in solitude. They created the path for us, the next generation.

In the past, many spiritual movements were formed by receiving the spirit of ancient spiritual masters.

But once the movement established an organization, the pure spirit of the ancient master dried out. As a result, over time, the virtue and the integrity of the group began to decay.

“The Way” was supposed to release people so they could be free.
But tragically it became a religion which bound and controlled people.

The question now is: How can we maintain the original spirit of those religious revolutionists, such as Honen, Nichiren and Dogen?

How can we revive the enlightenment of Jesus and Buddha in this age?

How can we share “The Way” with the whole world? How can we share the core teaching of Mahayana Buddhism, which is the wish for everyone to be spiritually and materially happy?

Well, anyone who is contemplative would ask these questions.

And wishes like these are common to every human being:

I wish to purify Karma and be free from it.
I wish to be happy, spiritually and materially.
I wish to fully discover and realize my potential.
I wish to realise my dream and make it come true.

Spirit and matter are one. The true spiritual teachings don’t deny happiness in this world.They absolutely affirm it.

Because the Universe is united with the Great Spirit of the One, becoming happy spiritually and materially is The Way.

What is Tao Sangha?amida orchid

Tao Sangha is The Way to let your life shine.
It is The Way to receive happiness, freedom and spiritual insight.
Practice is how you can attain The Way of the Universe.
Practice is how you can overcome the Karma of human beings.

* [Glossary]
Honen : Founder of Pure Land Buddhism
Nichiren : Founder of Nichiren Buddhism
Dogen : Founder of Soto Zen Buddhism