10 Tao Heart, 1 Faith


FAITH (信 Shin): Purify the world

Faith is born from your pureness.
That’s why the word “prasad” in Sanskrit, which means pureness of the heart,
Was translated to faith in the Chinese fo Buddhist sutra.
That’s why faith is defined as one of the abilities to receive enlightenment in Buddhism.

So, put up Tao as your subject as a mirror in front of you.
Don’t let your ego make Tao become an object, something you judge.
Don’t let your ego doubt, by projecting your negativity to Tao.

If you have faith, you will connect your heart, with Tao as the universal mirror in front of you
This is because faith is your spiritual ambition.
Because this is how your spirit grows.
Don’t give any chance to your ego, to make an excuse to lessen the motivation for the growth of your spirit.

Faith is the wisdom to realize the truth.
And wisdom accepts that the truth is always unknown.

Tao is always unknown because it is infinitive.
Because Tao is the heart of The One,
Faith will expand the capacity of your heart, as un-measurable as Tao.

Faith is your strength of the spirit.
It will not come from depending on others or the outside world.
It only comes from depending on your positive heart.
Be strong enough not to depend on anybody or anything except Tao,
Which, exists inside of you.

Faith is synchronized with your trust towards your inner world.
So release your self from being a slave of the outside world.
Trust your inner world and develop a better destiny for yourself and the world.

Don’t hesitate to trust your inner world.
Don’t hesitate to develop a better destiny for yourself and the world.
Don’t hesitate to increase your faith to Tao.

Faith is synchronized with your wish for a bright future for the world.
So, have a clear wish and realize the bright future for the world.
Bring the bright future for the world as its reality.
And that’s what clear faith to Tao is for.

Faith is born from the determination to create your life most meaningfully.
Faith is based on the determination to create the world more joyfully.
Don’t waste your life and get old with no pleasure by not having pure faith to Tao.
Don’t pass away without finding the true treasure in your heart by not having clear faith to Tao.

Determine to spend your life most meaningfully, until your death.
Determine to create the world more joyfully untill your death.
Determine to have unlimited faith to Tao.

Faith is actually feeling that something infinitive exists in the life.
Faith is actually feeling that brightness continues even after your death..
Faith is actually feeling that The One is working inside of you.

If you are pure enough, you naturally will accept the effectiveness of Tao.
You naturally will have faith to Tao.
And faith to Tao naturally opens you to the true way of living.
Merit of faith to Tao is unmeasurable.
Moment to moment pleasure from The One will be filling you up to share with all.

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