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Spiritual Ambition (志しKokorozashi): Raise the world

Spiritual Ambition (志しKokorozashi): Raise the world

Why were you born?
What is the meaning of your life?
And how will you die?

By living life with Spiritual Ambition,
You may find all the answers in your heart.

Spiritual Ambition,
Is not to live for your security.
Is not to live to follow others.
It is a strict and lonely way.
But it is free, not controlled by anything but your Tao heart.

Your Spiritual Ambition is the source of creating a better world.
You might think that your Ambition has nothing to do with the world.
That is a wrong idea. .
Actually, your Spiritual Ambition itself is the world.

In the Ki and heart world, you are not just “one of them”.
Therefore, if you increase your Ambition, the world will positively improve.
If you reduce your Spiritual Ambition, the world will be negatively down.
And there is no middle way.
Only increase or decrease exists.

If you recognize this fact, and if you are happy to take responsibility as a human being,
You will not give your ego a chance to bring down your Ambition.
The only option is to increase your Spiritual Ambition, to keep bringing the world positively up.
You would be happy to feel that there is no other option but this.

And don’t forget;
It is reasonable enough that nobody can give you Ambition except yourself.
Nobody can take away your Ambition, except yourself.
You are the only person who can determine to keep Ambition.

Spiritual Ambition,
is to live your life for the spiritual development of self and others.
Spiritual Ambition,
is to live your life to create a better world.

Living the same as others is,
To be a follower of the world, but not of the Universe.
But you should understand that.
The desire you have, is because of following others desire.
The fear you feel about the future is by following others fear.
And all disasters are created by fear of the heart.

You should realize that.
Life without Spiritual Ambition, life is like lemmings running towards a cliff.
And what is their motivation of running and following?
It is fear.
You will not realize until the end, that there is nothing left but desperation.
The life without Spiritual Ambition,
Is equal to not finding any meaning in life, just following the fear of other’s.

Life with Spiritual Ambition,
Comes from being responsible to the life you are given and to make it most valuable.

By living for Spiritual Ambition,
How much life becomes so fresh and so exciting!
By living for Spiritual Ambition,
How much your life becomes meaningful!
Even your death will be meaningful because of the way you spent your life.

Life with Spiritual Ambition is like delivering a treasure to the people.
Life with Spiritual Ambition is like filling up the world with flowers.
And this is the real mission of human beings

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