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How to Change the World in Three Minutes: Ki Breathing Meditation

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Modern life is full of isolation, insecurity, and anxiety Developed countries, in particular, exhibit lifestyles that are increasingly self-absorbed and individualistic. When people’s lives are lived with such an inward focus, Ki (universal life-giving energy) becomes increasingly internalized and fragmented. People from developed nations who visit “developing” countries are often surprised at the lightness and outwardly expressed direction of people’s Ki and way of life. It highlights how excessively closed and fractured the current environment of human relations has become.

Having enough money to provide for the necessities of life means that people become increasingly independent units. They no longer need to rely on the help of others. This situation develops the isolation that leads to insecurity. Needing to help and be helped creates a healthy exchange of Ki between people. We can live without help from others, but so much is then lost.

As a Buddhist practitioner, for many years my regular practice has been the form of Buddhist chanting called Nembutsu, which invokes the name of Amida Buddha (the Universal Spirit). The purpose of Nembutsu is to purify the Ki of oneself and others. Another way to purify our Ki is through Ki breathing meditation, which can be practiced by anybody. It can help us develop greater compassion and bring about healing for ourselves and others.

Please try this experiment. Have someone you know sit down with their back facing you. Place your hand on their upper back.

• Try to empty your mind and not think about anything.

• Drop your point of awareness down to your bottom tanden — imagine a point approximately two meters directly below your navel — and breathe from there.

• The receiver will feel a strong sensation of Ki being channeled as you breathe out.

Include the following principles and practice for three minutes. Afterward, ask the receiver how it felt.

1. Drop the awareness of your Ki centre down to your bottom tanden.

2. Breathe slowly in and out from your bottom tanden.

3. Breathe in and out while visualizing a spiritual symbol—an image or picture—that most deeply connects you to the universal spirit. Visualize this symbol expanding to fill the whole of your physical and your Ki body (a sphere of energy encircling you, which measures two meters in any direction).

4. Pray for the health, happiness, and spiritual growth of others by expanding the symbol so that the whole world and all people are included. Keep trying to infinitely expand the spiritual symbol so that the whole universe and all beings are encompassed.

Healing Ki comes from the source of all existence. It is never personal. By deeply imagining our spiritual symbol, we connect to the source of the All That Is. All spiritual masters and sages throughout the ages have been deeply unified with the source of universal existence.

The prayer for “the health and happiness of all beings” is essential. If the exhalation in the breathing method is done with this heart, positive Ki is sent to others. When somebody is sick, even if they are separated from you by great distance, positive healing Ki can be sent to them through this practice. If the person who is unwell is present, offer this prayer directly. Place your hands at the place where pain is felt and perform Ki Breathing.

The existence of each one of us simultaneously contains the wholeness of the universe at every moment. The lesson for everyone is that being mean-spirited with our physical and mental actions is really the greatest source of unhappiness in our lives. Joining with others in Ki meditation is one way to heal and purify the Ki of the world.

by Lawrence Lefcort

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