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2. Ki body

Ki body,
is unconscious,
and controls the physical body.

The Ki body,
is like a giant soap bubble of about 2 meters in size,
it shrinks and expands freely,
and in fact, this is where the meridians are.

……. I will tell you one more secret.

The meridians are not stationary.
They move around the Ki body,
and as longitude rounds the earth in 24 hrs,
meridian rounds the Ki body in 15 seconds.

That’s why,
you have to keep your heart focused with empathy on the receiver.

if the heart is not connected,
how will your Ki be able to follow around the meridian?

There are more secrets to the Ki body.

They are the seeds of the future,
rapidly sown from the Ki body to the world of a phenomenon as if from a machine gun.

That’s why,
the Ki body is the base of your destiny.

Of such importance is Ki body,
It must be treated with extra care.


from Facebook page “Song of Tao

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