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If you feel you are stuck, with no way to escape, please keep looking for hope. I guarantee that there is hope out there waiting for you to find it.

This time of COVID, lockdown, fake news, people monitoring each other and judging others if they don’t do what they believe is right is a very difficult period to live in, especially for someone who is sensitive.

There are so many things that divide us now, both physically and spiritually.

There have been 13,000 eviction hearings in only the last three months. Thirteen thousand families face being kicked out of their homes.

Toronto home eviction cases

Many schools are closed, so kids are separated from each other and stuck in front of computers.

I’m not sure how high the suicide rate is in Canada, but there is now a significantly higher number of suicides in Japan, especially among young women.

If you feel stuck in what you think is a hopeless situation, please remind yourself that there is hope. Look anywhere and everywhere to find hope. Use anything you can to make your heart lighter — use any fantasy, daydream, delusion, hypothesis, supposition, imagination — anything is good if your heart feels lighter.

Innovative thinking vector concept metaphor

Here are some examples.

When someone stares at you:
You can imagine, “Does this person think I have something wrong with me?”
You can imagine, “Maybe this person has bad eyesight.”

When a car cuts in front of you:
You can think, “This person is so rude!”
You can think, “Maybe this person is in a rush for the washroom.”

You have to be careful when you do this. Any story is OK, it’s nothing about being right or wrong, but use a story that makes you feel like “this makes sense now”; don’t just carelessly react to a situation.
Be careful that it is not a story that is “convenient” for your ego, one that makes you start to blame others and judge them or the situation.

It’s important to feel that it “makes sense” and that your heart feels lighter.

When someone points out your mistakes, there are two choices:
You can think, “This person is judging me,”
You can think, “This person is helping me grow.”

This is totally up to you. Actually, this is freedom of the spirit. You can choose any hypothesis. Yes, this is a hypothesis, because there is no truth in what you see. Truth is what you create in your heart. To say this in another way, whichever hypothesis you choose, you should feel “this is the one that makes sense to me.”

Please find the feeling “It makes sense to me”; it will make your heart lighter.

This is from Martin Luther’s “The Hidden God”:

Life is hidden in death.

Joy is hidden in hatred.

Glory is hidden in humiliation, 

salvation in perdition.

Heaven is hidden in hell.

Wisdom is hidden in foolishness.

Righteousness is hidden in sin.

Power is hidden in weakness.

God is revealed in suffering.


According to Luther, good things are hidden. And the key to finding them is your mindset: continue to think and keep your mind free to all the possible stories you can choose from.
You’ll feel so free.

Let’s make our hearts free!


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