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Sometimes I hear people say “I’m looking for my soulmate” or “I’m not sure my partner is truly my other half.”

It seems like the concept of “I am only half a person — half of me is missing, and when I find my other half, then I’ll be complete” is embedded very deeply in our minds.

This concept might be from Plato’s Symposium, where one of the speakers (Aristophanes) told a story that goes like this: “Humans at one time had four hands, four legs, and two heads, but the god (Zeus) cut them in half, making two separate people. And that’s why we have a desire to find our other half.” Socrates tried to make light of this speech, but somehow this story stayed with people.

Or it could be related to the Bible story about Adam and Eve.

Anyway, we have a desire to look for our other half. And it seems as though this makes people suffer.

I think this suffering comes from people searching for something physical, something material, an object: a man looking for the perfect woman, a woman looking for the perfect man — the perfect half of the self. Or sometimes looking for someone or something to depend on, with the result that people chase an illusion that doesn’t exist.

Actually, if you have found your soulmate, great! I’m not denying your happiness. But if you are looking for your soulmate in another person, I recommend you stop that pursuit.

It’s the same structure as when you have Faith in something or Devotion toward something. The object(s) of our Faith or Devotion shouldn’t be physical or material; for example, the way we have faith in (or devotion toward) a person (a teacher, preacher, guru, or other authority figures); an organization (a group or group of people); or material items (crystals, bracelets, etc.).

If you want to have faith in (or devotion toward) something, it’s better to do that with an invisible, infinite subject; for example, God, Allah, Buddha, the Universal Great Spirit, the One, and others, according to your knowledge and belief.

God's helping hand with the white cross on sunset background.

Actually, our missing half is our inner God. When you feel that God is inside you, then you’ll have no fear, you’ll be filled with God’s love, and you won’t need to depend on external things and situations for your fulfillment.

This feeling of wholeness is called happiness. If you have this, then you can be in any situation, anywhere — it won’t matter what you have or don’t have. This is true Happiness. This is your missing half, it’s not someone or something.

So, based on this happiness, you can stand by yourself and start to live out the mission of your life. And you’ll find your perfect partner, too, because you are ready to live out your and your partner’s mission together.

So, connect with your missing half and start living for the mission of your life!


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