Nembutsu Retreat in Matsumoto Japan

Nembutsu Retreat in Matsumoto Japan at the Tao Sangha International Retreat Centre 

August 11 ~ 17

Pray and Take Action to Create a Better World: The Great Wisdom of Mahayana Buddhism

We, human beings have created a society which is not ideal for all to live in comfortably.

What we imagine is the source of materialization. The world today is the result of what we have been imagining and projecting consciously and unconsciously throughout history.

So, what we can do now to make the world a better place?

This 7-day intensive Nembutsu High retreat will show you how to use the power of your imagination, heart, and will, to create a richer, more meaningful, and brighter future for self and others.

If you:

               ——– feel responsible for the next generation to have a better place to live

                ——- wish that your children be more comfortable in all aspects of their life

                ——– care and wish to create a better world but are not sure how to do it

                 ——– feel insecure about living in the current “materiality first” world

                ——— wish to discover the next step for the way of your life

Then the Nembutsu High Retreat is for you.

“Chanting Nembutsu together as one family…it is possible through this practice, to be the example: to transfer the Great Love of Amida and to let others experience this through us. Namu Amida Butsu … Forever.”

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2019 Schedule:

7 Day Nembutsu Retreats in the Japan Alps, at the Tao Sangha International Retreat Centre in Matsumoto, Nagano.

April 27 ~ May 3

August 10 ~ 16

October (tentatively) 7 ~ 13

December (5 days only, tentatively December 29 ~ January 2)

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