Spiritual Journey in Kyoto – October, 2018

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Experience the beauty of Old Kyoto and enrich your deepest self through guided study with Buddhist monks.

Spiritual Journey in Kyoto – (Oct 2-8)Ancient arch

This Autumn, be part of an experience in Kyoto, Japan that will provide you with opportunities for countless self-realizations. The Tao Sangha Japan experience offers the perfect combination of cultural, physical and spiritual studies.

Start with four days guided exploration of the ancient cultural capital of Japan including Nishiki Market, Yasaka Jinja, Gion, Kiyomizudera, Kyoto’s famous Bamboo Forest and more followed by three days learning and practicing Nembutsu Buddhist Chanting.


Nembutsu High – Buddhist Practice Workshop – (Oct 6-8)

Japanese JizosRunning from October 6-8, this workshop is the bridge between the two programs. It completes your Spiritual Journey or if you are participating in the Tao Shiatsu Intensive, it is your preparation. Over three days in Matsumoto, in the Japan Alps, together with participants from all over the world Buddhist studies with Rev. Ryokyu Endo (Sensei), Head Priest of Wada Ji Temple and founder of Tao Sangha International.

Tao Shiatsu Intensive – (Oct 6-12)

Students of all levels including beginners are welcome at this international gathering of Tao Shiatsu practitioners from several countries. This is a truly unique opportunity to begin or deepen your practice and your heart.

Spiritual Journey in Kyoto:            October 2-8 (includes Nembutsu Workshop   $ 900.00 US

Tao Shiatsu Intensive:                     October 6-12 (includes Nembutsu Workshop)  $ 900.00 US

Spiritual Journey & Tao Shiatsu:  Take both sessions, October 2-12    $1500.00 US




About Lawrence Lefcort

Lawrence is a certified Tao Shiatsu teacher and practitioner and freelance writer. Born and raised in Montreal, Québec, he spent much of his twenties living and traveling around south and southeast Asia, studying yoga and meditation with teachers in India, Burma, Sri Lanka and China. In his thirties, he developed a passion for Shiatsu, and by some good fortune encountered Ryokyu Endo, founder of the International Tao Shiatsu Society. As an unwavering seeker of truth, Lawrence felt an immediate resonance and connection with the teachings of Master Endo and Mahayana Buddhism. He incorporates a deep heart and strong meditative foundation into his writing and therapeutic practice.