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Tao Sangha teaches that the most important things for humanity are to “Create Ki” and “Knead Ki.” Kneading Ki is like kneading the dough for a loaf of bread. And to create Ki, you need to:

  • Live in the Future,
  • Live for Others, and
  • Live with Enlightenment Body Sensations.

Nothing is more important than this. This is the basis of humanity and the law of the universe. It is so important that we don’t need anything else. If we have this, we can do everything based on it. This is what it means to live spiritually.

The first thing is to “Live in the Future.” This is continued from my last blog, in which I talked about how this world works.

“Your consciousness creates Ki, and this Ki appears in your life, the field in front of you, and your relationships, and this provides you with recognition of phenomena, material, and the world.”

We are imprinted with the concept that “the world is made of material things.” This is not true. We are brainwashed by the education we receive at school, by society, and even by religions. They tell you, “If you give something to someone, then you will have less” and/or “If you get something without doing anything, you’ve won.” These philosophies are based on the materialistic point of view. The real world is way more exciting and much more free.


If you become a giver, the world becomes much richer. When you give, then your subconscious recognizes yourself like this: “I’m rich because I can give to others.”

And if someone has a materialistic point of view, they’ll be passive toward the world, waiting for something to fall their way from the world, and whenever bad things happen to them they’ll say, “It’s not me that’s wrong, it’s that others and the world treat me badly.” They’ll make excuses easily because they are victim-minded.

You gotta flip those limited and passive mind sets. It’s not easy to get over those brainwashed, imprinted mindsets in your subconscious. But the world offers unlimited possibilities — it’s not limited like solid concrete. You can create infinitely through your heart.

The first thing to do to create Ki is to “Live in the Future.”
In other words, it’s “Wish Realization,” “Future Realization,” “Create the Future,” and “The Law of Life Creation.”

You decide and determine the future you want to create. With your Words, Images, and Emotions, it’s as though the way you will be in that future has already happened.

It’s the same as when an artist makes a sculpture. The artist decides on the image they want to portray — maybe that image is in their subconscious, so they dig into their subconscious. This is the same for musicians, artists, and anyone creative. It’s required that they dig into their subconscious. When you do that it feels almost like being in a trance; you’ll feel so many emotions like happiness, joy, gratitude, etc. This makes you create and realize your creation in this world.

The second thing is to “Live for Others.”
This gives you a direction, when you wonder what to do next.
Alfred Adler (one of the three great psychotherapists, along with Freud and Jung) said that a sense of social interest is the most important indicator of a happy interpersonal relationship.

And Tim Ballard (founder of the Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that rescues children from sex-trafficking) says that to find light in the darkness, the number-one thing is serving other people.

And what’s more, since all the world is connected, your happiness will not occur if there is someone unhappy somewhere in the world.

The third thing is to “Live with Enlightenment Body Sensations.”
This is the feeling that you are unified with God or Buddha, the Great Spirit of the Universe, or even a feeling of the real existence of any of them. This is called an Enlightenment Body Sensation. There’s nothing special about it — it’s just a feeling that is real. So:

Live in the Future,
Live for Others, and
Live with Enlightenment Body Sensations.

These are the most important things for humanity. And all great founders of spirituality lived with them and created Ki and kneaded this Ki continually, all the time.

Tao Sangha follows the spirit and the teachings of the great masters, which is the law of the universe, and lives and practices this way.


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