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This is a continuation from my previous blog about feeling the god within yourself. When you have faith in this, then you can stand on your own and be free from the effects of any situations that occur around you.

Also, in this state you can follow the Ki (universal energy) easily, because you are not biased about anything; you can sincerely follow your heart.

People usually make mistakes because they follow what others say. It might sound strange to you, but think about it: how does a war start? No one wants to kill anyone, right? So, why do we wage war? Because “they” say that we have an enemy, and if we don’t kill them, then we will be killed, or they feed us some other scary story like that, meant to make us feel fear and become agitated.

Who are “they”? We could call them evil, and as Napoleon Hill said, they control people by stimulating ego, such as that of fear, insecurity, or even vanity. Stimulating people’s ego is the only weapon evil has.

So, listen to the deepest part of your heart, which is whispering to you. Make quiet the surface of your thoughts, any noise from past memories, and what other people have said. Those thoughts, noises, and memories work like gravity to bring you and your energy down. Cut off past karma and fly into the bright future!

We have the ability to create the future we wish for. Just cut off the ego and karma that come from the past.

“Walk Alone Like a Rhinoceros” is from the words of Shakyamuni Buddha. It’s from the Rhino Sutra in the Sutta Nipata, which is from a very early stage of Buddhism.

I will introduce some of it here.

With no greed, no deceit,
no thirst, no hypocrisy —
delusion and blemishes
blown away —
with no inclinations for all the world,
every world,
walk alone like a rhinoceros.

Not startled, like a lion, at sounds.
Not snared, like the wind in a net.
Not smeared, like a lotus in water:
walk alone like a rhinoceros.

Having let go of passion,
having shattered the fetters;
undisturbed at the ending of life,
walk alone like a rhinoceros.

There is more, but since the meaning is very deep, this is enough for now.

Here is a link to my teacher Ryokyu Endo’s Dharma talk “Just Walk Alone Like Nietzsche.” This Dharma talk explains the meaning of the phrase “walk alone” with the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. I recommend reading it through if you’d like to be free.

Happy New Year!

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