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About Us

The Path of Tao Sangha

Tao Sangha is a place to practice and develop spirituality, life-giving energy, and physical and emotional well-being. A place free of social categorizations and violent actions of any kind. –

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Tao Sangha

What is Tao Sangha

  Tao Sangha is The Way to create happiness and freedom in your life. As we can see from the lives of Jesus and the Buddha, the practice itself is

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Tao Sangha’s Dream

In Tao Sangha we envision a world where people’s lives become rich through the heart of giving. We feel that the world can be a better place, by people giving

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Tao Shiatsu Therapy

About Tao Shiatsu

Tao Shiatsu is the unification of manual therapy and Buddhist practice. Tao Shiatsu can heal disease and change destiny (of the patient) by affecting the subconscious. Tao Shiatsu doesn’t belong

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About NPO Uni

Giving is what brings True Happiness Tao Sangha’s Global Uni Community is a unique non-profit that believes that each person has something meaningful to give to others. If all people

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Wada Ji Temple

About Wadaji Temple

The Wada Ji Sangha Temple is a place devoted to the meditative chanting for the happiness and spiritual development of all beings. It is open to all. The temple is

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About us

What is Tao Sangha Tao Sangha is a global community of people who believe and promote a way of living based on Buddhist principles of compassion, empathy, and spiritual development

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