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The Path of Tao Sangha

Tao Sangha is a place to practice and develop spirituality, life-giving energy, and physical and emotional well-being. A place free of social categorizations and violent actions of any kind. –

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Syrian Winter Clothing Event -Toronto

Syrian Winter Clothing Event Update: On a warm Sunday, September 23rd, CultureLink Community Connections Mentorship Program joined forces with Tao Sangha Healing Centre to deliver winter clothing to newcomer clients

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Children in Palestine collect water from one of the working public taps. Photo Flickr

Ongoing water crisis in Gaza

Overview An ongoing crisis in Gaza has left millions without access to clean drinking water. An issue stemming from both compromised water quality and quantity, only a small percent of

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Bangladesh 2017,09

Bangladesh support 2017,09

NPO Earth Caravan’s Report on the Bangladesh Educational Support Project September 24-30, 2017 Dear Earth Caravan NPO members and foster parents, We are deeply thankful for your precious cooperation and

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Gaza Dr. Ahmed Tawahina 1

Water crisis, Gaza is dying

Water crisis, Gaza is dying A doctor and residents of Gaza, Ahmed Tawahina 1. Will two million Gaza citizens be able to survive? Palestine has been under Israel’s occupation for

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Lawrence treat on street

The Savages: a short story

by Lawrence Lefcort I can see the Savages’ dwellings from my backyard. They lie in the distance just beyond the barrier and up the dusty, barren hills. They are so

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