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Healing Nembutsu

Healing Nembutsu

Everybody is invited to this regular and unique event, especially newcomers. By chanting the musical Nembutsu mantra and unifying your genuine best wishes for others through visualization with the Great spirit of the universe, you can experience deep relief, relaxation, and healing in your body, mind and spirit.

Healing NembutsuEach Healing Nembutsu session focuses on a different theme, such as healthy life, overcoming traumas, pleasure and gratitude, etc. One by one, each participant has a chance to lie down and receive everyone’s best warm wishes, for yourself and for all your relations, through caring prayerful chanting. The experience is unforgettable, a feeling of being embraced, of your borders melting, and of being healed on a deep level.
As a giver in the Healing Nembutsu session, we keep trying to deepen our wishes for others from our own giving heart. We may find ourselves entering a state of nonduality where differences cease to exist. In this state we actually connect to Amida Buddha (also known as Amala 9th consciousness / Buddha nature*). This is the deepest part of the heart from which genuine healing power flows.
*Buddha Nature is the indivisible oneness of wisdom and emptiness, hidden within all sentient beings.

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