Interfaith Nembutsu Chanting

Interfaith Nembutsu Chanting

Interfaith Nembutsu Chanting

Nembutsu Interfaith Chanting is a practice in which we recite “Namu Amida Butsu”, or “Namu Jesus”, or Namu Adonai”, or “Namu Allah”, all which mean “I follow / return back to the source”, to my true self.

Through the practice of Nembutsu Chanting, we heighten our spiritual awareness and we help ourselves and other to heal.

Interfaith Chanting Text (click here to Download text)

Interfaith Chanting Music Files,

01 Three Prostration

02 Each gate is unique, it is infinite …

03 Medium Melody Chant

04 Prostration of Remorse to purify the world

05 Spreading light through the universe …

06 Yin Melody Chant

07 Prostration of Gratitude to warm the world

08 Merit by praising the sacred existence …

09 Uni Melody Chant

10 Walking Chanting Meditation

11 Let rise paradise as the true reality

12 Yang Melody Chant

13 With gift of chant …

14 All beings be rescued …

15 Last Three Prostration