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Nembutsu Gospel

The Sangha Voice Orchestra is a Buddhist choral group, located in Japan. Its motivation came from watching African-American gospel singers. Our wish is for the Nembutsu Voice Orchestra to be as fun and cool as they are. We have already performed in the Chionji temple, which is one of the main temples of the Jodo School in Japan. The audience really loved it, and we wish to give more performances in many other places. The 1st album was released in 2011 and you can also listen to it here,

Nembutsu Gospel by Pundarika

01 Three Treasure

02 In the womb of Lord Buddha

03 Pure Light

04 Nembutsu Dance in the Wind

05 Nembutsu Dance of Water

06 Redemption beyond the sky

07 Island and Light

08 Dance of the light in the wind

Nembutsu Gospel

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