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Letter from Natashquan Northern Quebec village

Tshukuminu Kanani Health Centre
184, rue Pashin
Natashquan QC G0G 2E0
Re: Confirmation of Earth Caravan Presence in Natashquan

It’s with great pleasure that the Natashquan Social Services and Health Centre prepares to welcome the Earth Caravan to our community, from August 15 – 19, 2016.
We have already assigned counsellors to take part in the activities; they will join the Earth Caravan therapists in order to provide the general population with an opportunity to heal, both individually and collectively.
The Earth Caravan project has given our community a time to reflect, and to plan concrete steps that will improve the physical and psychological health of each person.

We wish everyone involved with this project great success.
Please accept our warmest regards and we look forward to welcoming you in our village.

Nada Massé, Therapist
Lucie Wapistan, Social Services Coordinator
Thérèse Courtois, Director

Letter from Natashquan

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