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Empowering the Peacemaker Within: An Introductory Workshop

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Saturday February 8, 1-4pm

If asked to think about a peacemaker, who would come to mind and why? What qualities do you notice and admire? How can we determine our current “location” on the path to inner peace and navigate successfully to our center? What are common, universal truths that help guide us along this journey and help us develop a deep understanding of one another? How might we generate a radical transformation of consciousness toward spiritual wholeness? These are among the issues we will explore in this introductory workshop.

A set of graphics representing the ancient ocean-of-consciousness metaphor offers a big picture view of life’s puzzle pieces in proper alignment, integrated with our current understanding of scientific breakthroughs and universal insights gleaned from among many wisdom traditions. We will create a visual map of the inner journey from fragmented self to our true center of wholeness and love – the center which is everywhere; the center where we find ourselves in alignment with the Source. This workshop ranges wide and deep yet no prior training is required in order to benefit. All you need to bring is your curiosity and/or vexing life questions. You are welcome to bring a poem or writing that speaks to this exploration of unity.

When: Saturday February 8, 1-4pm
Where: Tao Sangha Healing Center Madison, 2330 Willard Ave. Madison WI 53704 Back door off of Ohio Ave.
Cost:  Freely given. Donations appreciated
RSVP please as space is limited for just 12 people

About the presenter, Elton Tylenda:
~ Vietnam war veteran, witnessing the dark side of human nature and the military industrial complex
~ B.A, Eastern Connecticut State University: Concentrations in English Literature, depth Psychology and Philosophy
~ Working with street people to develop this course at InterFaith House in Chicago
~ Master of Divinity, Chicago Theological Seminary

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