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International Aid Projects

Based on the wish to reduce the suffering in the world, Tao Sangha’s non-profit organization, Earth Caravan – Global Uni Community, (GUC) undertakes global aid projects. GUC maintains its policy to give direct help and support to local communities by cooperating with them. GUC has economically supported people in Afghanistan, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Haiti, Sri Lanka, New Orleans USA, Israel, and Japan.

Currently, GUC is committed to the on-going support of the educational needs of the Rakhaing people in Bangladesh who are a marginalized Buddhist minority. The Tao Sangha Centre that has been built in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh, helps develop various aspects of the people’s daily life.

Bangladesh Child
Charity for Japan

On March 11, 2011, disaster struck Japan. GUC continues to reach out to the people living in shelters in the Kesennuma area by giving Tao Shiatsu treatments, fresh vegetables, refrigeration appliances, laundry machines, and a supply of all kinds of basic goods, such as raincoats, sandals, and medicine. The GUC volunteers also give treatment at a refugee camp near Tokyo where 1,200 people stay in an old high school building. North American and European Tao Sangha centers tirelessly put on fundraisers. So far $7,120 has been donated from North America to help Japanese people after the earthquake. You can read more at http://taosanghajapanreliefupdates.blogspot.com/

For most of 2010, GUC held fundraising events including Charity Shiatsu to aid earthquake disaster victims in Haiti. Much of the effort went to the small Community Hospital of Haiti. Since 2009, Tao Sangha has been offering support to Palestinians and Israelis affected by the ongoing conflict.

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