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Haiti Earthquake Relief

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Shortly after the devastating earthquake disaster in Haiti, Tao Sangha made a connection with a family that runs the Haitian Community Hospital (HCH) near Port-au-Prince that was one of the only hospitals left standing after the earthquake with functional operating rooms, providing free care.
(pics #1 of hospital courtyard, picture of doctor with child)
When we learned that the hospital was overwhelmed, treating over 250 patients in a hospital designed for 50, Tao Sangha International decided to raise as much money as possible through Charity Shiatsu and other fundraising events to support the hospital. Members and friends of Tao Sangha Global Uni Community were able to raise over $9.400, sent to them in the form of needed supplies and donations. Included were hand-made dolls and cards made by children for the children in the hospital.
(pics #2 of Montreal Charity Shiatsu (2), and of Madison: dolls and cards(2)
To see photos, videos, and blog updates and reports on Haiti relief efforts at the hospital please visit: http://haitihosp.org/.
This link, http://vimeo.com/9026196 shows a happy story from the hospital about a little boy Jose. The video was created by a group of doctors from CURE who were the first foreign volunteers to arrive at the hospital. While they were at HCH, they created several videos, and you can view others through this same link.
GUC also sent funds to SOS Children’s Villages, and also sent 16 solar cookers to Haiti, that were used by families camping out around the hospital to boil water and cook their meals. Please see Solar Cookers International website.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to help this poor country in a time of great need.3 The family and staff of the Haitian Community Hospital are deeply grateful. This way of giving not only offers needed support, but also forms bonds of care across cultures and continents that deepen all of our hearts. These bonds have the ability to endure far beyond the immediate crisis.

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