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Report from Ryokyu Endo


Since the age of twenty, The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been close to my heart. I have long felt a deep connection to the State of Israel and the Jewish people. In Japan it is said by some Shinto priests that the Japanese people are descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel. In fact, many Shinto rites and rituals are incredibly similar to Hebrew rites and customs.
These days, I feel great concern for Israel and the future of its people. The group “Breaking the Silence” (an Israeli non-governmental organization) conducts anonymous interviews with Israeli soldiers. Many soldiers have confessed that they lose all sense of humanity while on duty in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It means Israeli society is allowing their young people to lose their sense of humanity every year, every day, every moment. And this has been going on for decades.
This is scary.
And I worry that this will mean serious problems for Israel in the future.
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