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The March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan hit very close to home for Tao Sangha members in Tokyo and Kyoto. Very soon after the disaster hit the country relief efforts began, coordinated between the Tao Sangha Centres in Tokyo and Kyoto and a Tao Shiatsu student who lives in the Sendai region.
Through funding raised locally and in other Centres worldwide, Tao Sangha bought clothing for the people affected and washing machines for the shelters who were suffering from the cold of the early Spring.
Many members from Tao Sangha Japan have visited the area to give much needed supplies and Tao Shiatsu treatments. With the season changing to spring and summer, their needs changed to food refrigeration, and Tao Sangha bought 10 refrigerators for the shelters in the region. Tao Sangha support continues with the changing needs of the area.
Please see Tao Sangha’s Japan Relief blog at: http://taosanghajapanreliefupdates.blogspot.com/
To find out more please contact a the Tao Sangha Center near you:
Charity for Japan

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