Bloor Street Fair/ JCCC – Toronto

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Bloor festival is a yearly neighborhood/ community Street festival held on the first Sunday of June. Thousands of people from all over Toronto come to this vibrant & multi- cultural event. Kids and adults come to have fun, people stroll the street leisurely in this car -free day Festival,people enjoy all the activities of the day, connecting with neighbors and people from various community. Vendors sell interesting items and there are many free concerts. Food vendors fill the street with aromatic exotic food from all around the world.
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Tao Sangha Toronto has being involved in this yearly event for the past 7 years with a unique contribution, our booth provides “Charity Shiatsu” all day to anyone who wants to receive a Tao Shiatsu treatment. Our professional therapists give the utmost care to each person who come to receive a treatment. And, 100% of the money received from this event goes to a local charity or our third world aid fund (GUC, Global Uni Community). Current and past projects include: Sri Lanka water wells, Pakistan earthquake relief, Bangladesh minority tribe school aid program. So the people who participate at our booth not only feel more relaxed in their body, they feel good about their shiatsu fee going to help others. This “Circle of receive, give, share” is a beautiful way to live in this world, don’t you think?

Each year GUC Toronto also participates inJCCC Spring , Summer or Fall events. The Japanese Canadian Community Culture Centre offers these seasonal festival every year for the general public to experience Japanese culture and to enjoy Japanese food, arts, and performances. Tao Sangha Toronto’s “Charity Shiatsu’ booth is one of the most popular vendors at JCCC festivals. Many people come back year after year, they not only appreciate the effectiveness of Tao Shiatsu therapy, they also know that this “feel good”’ feeling does not just end with themselves only, it benefits others who are in need locally and globally.Bloor 4