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Children’s Day Celebration – Madison

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Children’s Day is celebrated on 5th of May in Japan. It is a national holiday to celebrate the health and happiness of all children and to express gratitude towards mothers.Children's Day 2

Families hang colourful carp kites outside their homes – one for each child, with the biggest representing the oldest child at the top. The kites flutter in the wind and look beautiful! In Japanese culture, the carp kite symbolizes each family’s wish for their children to grow up brave and strong, since the carp is known for its strength and determination as it swims upstream against powerful currents.
Tao Sangha’s the non-profit Global Uni Community is the host of this wonderful tradition in Madison. The event is celebrated with kite making, games, and a Uni Market to raise funds to improve children’s lives in Madison and beyond.
At the Uni market you can shop and enjoy recycled and hand-made/home-grown goods, such as sandwiches, smoothies, pies, jewelry, toys, and cards, as well as services such as short shiatsu treatments (Charity Shiatsu). Everything is bought and sold in Uni currency.
To read about Uni Currency
Uni Currency

The Uni is the currency of the non-profit Global Uni community (which is the educational charitable branch of Tao Sangha). The Madison Uni bank and representative will be on hand at the market to exchange money and answer questions. One enjoyable aspect of the market is the UNI handshake which both seller and buyer do with a sweeping arm gesture while proclaiming “eeeeeverything’s o.k.!!”

Uni gatherings and markets are to build community locally and to unite and enrich people all around the globe. The unique thing about Uni currency is that it has a built-in 10% donation, which goes to international and local projects to support people in need to create sustainable communities.
Everyone is welcome! to participate.
Click here to see more photos from past events.
For more information please contact the Tao Sangha Center in Madison.Children's Day 3

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