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Introduction Q & A

Introduction for those new to Tao Shiatsu

Many people experience the discouraging cycle of temporary relief after bodywork treatments. The bottom of your heart does not want temporary relief anymore! Tao Shiatsu provides permanent relief of your symptoms. Even chronic symptoms can be eliminated through Tao Shiatsu, a treatment that you can accept and understand from the bottom of your heart.

Q: What is Tao Shiatsu ?
A: Jaki (unnecessary or stagnant energy) is the cause of illness. When the points (Tsubo) along the energy meridians are pressed, jaki is released and the body can then heal.
Q : What are meridians?
A: Meridians are the pathways of life! Vital energy (“Ki” on Japanese or “Chi” in Chinese) run through the meridians and allow all parts of our body, including the organ systems, joints, and muscular system, to function.

Q : What is “Ki” and how does Ki mean Life?
A : Ki is our vital life energy. It is called Chi in Chinese. A television is just a box if there are no signals running through it .Our body comes to life as well when there is the existence of Ki. Then it is possible to function.

Q : Can you see the meridians ?
A : Not as a physical object. However practitioners of Tao Shiatsu have been trained in a particular way to “see” the tsubo and the meridian. This training is always continuing.

Q : Is the meridian existing even though it is not visible to the eye?
A: Yes, the meridians exist even though we cannot see them. They flow like the current of a river, but cannot be seen like the signal that animates a television.

Q : What is “Jaki” and why is it the cause of our illness?
A : “Ja” means not in harmony, or negative energy. When the flow of a river becomes stagnant, the river becomes polluted. When the flow of ki in our bodies becomes stagnant, and out of harmony, illness results. Treatment releases “Jaki” and restores your condition back to a healthy state.

Q : Is “Jaki” inside of our body?
A : Deep inside of our body there is an access point that connects to the subconscious world. This is called “tsubo”. This is where we access and release “Jaki”. The original cause of your condition is in your subconscious. This is true for any physical, mental or emotional symptom. When jaki is released, the blockage in your subconscious is gone and positive energy (Seiki) is restored. Because of that, not only do symptoms disappear, but a shift towards a new life attitude is provided. This is the moment your good fortune starts to improve. Our therapists wish you a happy and better life, in addition to good health.

Q : When “Jaki” is released, do we feel it ?
A : Yes, everyone can clearly feel it . For example, when pressure is applied on the tsubo on your neck, you feel a sensation like electricity running toward your hand and fingers. We call this sensation an “echo” This is a unique feeling that happens when jaki leaves the body. When the “echo” is gone, your symptom gets better.

Q: Is there more information about Tao Shiatsu besides the web site?
A : Yes, there are book “Tao Shiatsu -Life Medicine for the 21st Century-”. You can buy them at your local Centre, Amazon or many bookstores.

Q : I see many published books by Ryokyu Endo. Is this person the founder of Tao Shiatsu?
A : Yes, please read Ryokyu Endo’s bio and his blog here. (which is in Japanese)

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