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What is Tao Shiatsu Treatment

What is Tao Shiatsu Treatment

With Tao Shiatsu Practitioners and Centres in more than 10 countries around the world, the Tao Shiatsu International Society has one of the highest and most demanding standards of training in the world for becoming a shiatsu therapist. Tao Shiatsu Practitioners have to successfully complete over 3 years of study under the direct supervision of senior Tao Shiatsu Teachers, and all tests are done under the supervision of certified Tao Shiatsu teachers, including Master Ryokyu Endo, the founder of Tao Shiatsu. It is also mandatory for all practitioners to continue their studies in order to keep their certification valid.

Why Do I Need Tao Shiatsu?

Health problems over the past four decades have become predominantly chronic in nature: neck and backaches, heart disease, cancer, allergies, lack of energy and depression, to name a few. Rapid changes to our natural and social environment have caused reactive physical and mental changes in human beings. Overwork and lack of sleep add to the stresses of modern life. Pressure and manipulation focused on the body alone are not enough in most cases to get to the root cause and effect change in these conditions. Neither are medications and surgeries that focus only on alleviating the symptoms of these problems. As both a preventative and a form of treatment, Tao Shiatsu is a refreshing way to enrich the quality of one’s life and promote better health, balance and happiness./p>

What Kinds of Conditions is Tao Shiatsu Effective For?

Back, neck, shoulder and joint problems
Stress and tension disorders
Headaches and migraines
Digestive problems
Depression and emotional problems
Chronic fatigue
Menstrual irregularities
Insomnia, repetitive stress injuries, and overuse syndromes
Sports injuries
Headaches and migraines
And More….
There are many other conditions that will benefit from Tao Shiatsu treatments, including pregnancy support, and treatments for children, and these can be discussed directly with your practitioner.

How Does Tao Shiatsu Relieve Pain, Injury, and Promote Better Health?

During a treatment the application of steady continuous pressure using the thumbs, hands and knees affects the circulation of Ki. Stuck or stagnated energy (jaki), the root cause of all diseases, is released through the combinations of deep rhythmic movement, assisted stretches and the treatment of specific release points. This stimulates the body to regain its’ natural equilibrium. Tao shiatsu treats the whole person, concentrating not only on the symptoms, but also on the individuals’ vitality and innate healing power./p>

Treatment Benefits Include:
Maintaining health and optimizing general well-being, the alleviation of physical and psychological stress, boosting energy levels by releasing blockages in energy circulation, and preventing energetic imbalances from developing into symptoms of illness.

What Does Tao Shiatsu Treatment Involve?

Treatment takes place with the receiver lying or sitting on a Japanese cotton mattress on the floor. Loose comfortable clothing is recommended. A session will take approximately an hour, although the first appointment may take a little longer to allow for consultation and discussions of one’s condition./p>

How Will One Feel After a Treatment?

People usually report feeling a heightened awareness of their body, and a calm, ‘lightness’ at the completion of a treatment. Relief from, or the elimination of pain and symptoms may be immediate or occur in the days following the session, or over the course of a few treatments. Often even after only one treatment, the favorable Menken response might manifest. This occurs when therapy results in expelling the toxins within the body. It allows emotions and ailments that had until then been suppressed to surface and manifest as symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, diarrhea, or other symptoms. In order to cure one level of a disorder, Menken response is often manifested.

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