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Through Tao Sangha there are many ways you can grow your heart and spirit. Courses and workshops are offered through Wada-Ji Temple, and also through our non-profit/non-denominational branch, the Global Uni Community. Tao Shiatsu healing, a hands-on form of Oriental medicine is taught through our Tao Shiatsu Schools.

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3 Ways of Cultivating Spiritual Wisdom in your Life

The Ultimate Heart

What is called the Ultimate Heart is an emotion coming from within the truth that dwells in the deepest region

To Live as a Bodhisattva

To Live as a Bodhisattva

Dharma talk “To Live as a Bodhisattva” 2018/10/20 at Tokyo Tao Sangha Centre https://youtu.be/pQ9yt9iq0kA The Infinite Life Sutra tells the

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