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Buddha School –
a unique way to experience living Buddhism

Our wish is that people will experience and actually feel the meaning of the Buddha’s teachings with their own heart and body and realize that this kind of world actually exists.

Many teach the theory of Buddhism, but the deep lessons of the Buddha are actually beyond the theory. We believe that we can share the real potential of Buddhism with those who are not satisfied studying only Buddhist theory. This is living Buddhism.

All of us have at one point or another felt the suffocation from this materialistic world. Where can we find the answers to free ourselves? What solutions exist to free our mind? The British historian, Arnold J. Toynbee has said “The coming of Buddhism to the West may well prove to be the most important event of the Twentieth Century”.

So why not experience Mahayana Pure Land Buddhist teachings to liberate our spirit from suffering?

Buddha School is not about the academic study of Buddhism. It follows a program that let’s you experience PEACE, LIBERATION and develop COMPASSION FOR ALL.

Come and let your body, instead of your head, understand peace.


  • Study of Buddhist teachings – Dharma
  • Learn how to cultivate sincere, pure, compassionate heart – Bodhisattva practice
  • Fun exercises to experience Ki Enlightenment
  • Heart to Heart communication skills based on Buddhist principles.
  • Meridian Yoga to relax the body and mind


“Even only after the first class, I realized that this course is a reminder about the fundamental meaning of our human existence.I would like to recommend this course to everybody, no matter how much you have studied or not studied, are contributing to society or not contributing. It is a breeze from a different dimension for all beings. Such a course has never existed till now.” Y.T.

To join or for more information, please ask your local center nearby.

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To Live as a Bodhisattva

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