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Tao Shiatsu Treatment

Level 1 Tao Shiatsu Practitioner

A minimum of 430 hours and 24 months of study*

Pass all level 1 exams of the Tao Shiatsu’s Five Elements

*This includes the introductory course

Level 1 students may offer treatments as “Tao Shiatsu level 1 practitioners” only upon completion of all level 1 tests. Then they go on and become level 2 students.

Level 2 Tao Shiatsu Practitioner

A minimum of 370 hours and 20 months of study at level 2

Pass all Level 2 exams of Tao Shiatsu’s Five Elements

Level 2 students may only offer treatments as “Tao Shiatsu practitioners” upon completion of all level 2 tests.

Program Length

The time required for Tao Shiatsu training at each level varies according to the development of the Tao Heart of each student. Usually it is about 2 years per level.

Renewing Tao Shiatsu Certificates

Tao Shiatsu continues to develop and students are continually learning. Certificates are renewed on a yearly basis. To renew a certificate as a Tao Shiatsu Practitioner, it is necessary to attend at least 4 days of class/year to be updated on new developments.

For students and practitioners at levels 1, 2, and 3 and anyone using the name of “Tao Shiatsu” there is an International Tao Sangha membership fee of $120/year.
Tao Shiatsu is a registered trademark worldwide.

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