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By sincerely following the curriculum of the “Five Elements of Tao Shiatsu™” anyone can learn to give truly effective treatment. Tao Shiatsu™ techniques offer great medicinal benefits and allow practitioners to be effective without strenuous effort. We are experiencing the birth of a manual therapy that is responding to the needs of the current age and at the same time, is bringing about a renaissance of the ancient techniques of Doin Ankyo as the core of Oriental Medicine.

  1. Ki-Doin (Cultivating & Guiding Ki)

The Ki-body extends 2 meters beyond the physical body and is the focus of awareness in Ki Doin as well as Tao Shiatsu. Ki Doin training exercises were developed to enrich the ki of shiatsu practitioners and increase their capacity to assist others in ki strengthening. Ki Doin practices include Renki (individual ki movement exercise), Aiki (based on martial arts practices), Meridian Stretches (a series of energetic partner-assisted stretches for the meridians), and Ki Meditation.

  1. Basic Forms

Study of Basic Forms 1 and 2 provides whole body shiatsu using the Ki Method. The physical and spiritual principles that guide the technique are taught together. Basic Forms 1 introduce the positions for working on the floor using the palms of the hand, the fingers and thumbs. In level 2 Forms, techniques using the forearms knees and feet are developed.

  1. Meridian System

The study and practice of recognition principles, empathetic connection and diagnosis/treatment of the meridian system, which includes:

24 Meridians (12 Masunaga Main Meridians & 12 Sub Meridians)

Conception & Governor Vessels include Main & Sub Meridian

extensions in the limbs.

Ring (horizontal) Meridians.

Spiral Meridians.

Super Vessels (12 special meridians that provide strong support for the receiver allowing deeper treatment than otherwise possible.)

  1. Meridian Treatment

Full treatment incorporating the Ki Method, Super Vessel Specific Tsubos, the expanded meridian foundation and treatment patterns, which are effective without requiring a correct diagnosis. The SSTs (Super Vessel Specific Tsubo) were recently discovered. These special tsubos relieve jaki, the ki toxins that are the root cause of disease because they burden the meridians and create kyo (empty) symptoms and conditions. Their location and treatment with the Ki Method is practiced along with the Super Vessels.

  1. Heart of Communication

Listening and communicating with empathy to offer true understanding for patients is very important in Tao Shiatsu clinical practice. Listening with an open heart, without judgement or projection is necessary not only in developing clinic “bedside” manners but also in modern society to contribute to the well being of others. This study is based on Buddhist principles and philosophies, however one doesn’t need to become Buddhist to practice and benefit.


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