Introductory Course -Shuren


Through our six-month introductory course you can experience the entrance to Tao Shiatsu. It was born from more than a quarter of a century of research and is a high level of medical manual therapy. After the three-month Shuren course, you can then enter the level one course. We truly believe that this therapy is the most effective manual treatment for healing the heart and body and wish for you to experience it for yourself.

Tao Shiatsu is revolutionary Oriental medicine for the 21st century. It is based on Classical Meridian study as well as Buddhist training. Master Ryokyu Endo, a Buddhist priest, has been developing Tao Shiatsu for over 25 years.
Tao Shiatsu treats a person’s “Ki” body, which is where the meridians exist. “Ki” or “Chi” in Chinese is life force energy and your Ki body radiates out approximately 2m (7’) in all directions from the center of your physical body.

Ki body-meridians exist on a subconscious level in each of us. They include our physical body, and represent the spiritual heart. Tao Shiatsu is a therapy that creates healing through the unification of the spiritual heart of both the patient and practitioner, which is then expressed with the “hands-on” technique.

The development of Tao Shiatsu includes new practices such as “Super Vessel” treatment, Ki and Heart Philosophy, and the Ki Method. The effectiveness of Tao Shiatsu is reaching beyond other forms and is being called “The Miracle Hand” where it is practiced around the world.
Tao Shiatsu training has 3 levels. This course is an introduction to level 1 training.

It is the wish of Tao Sangha that those who study this course have these intentions:

  1. To devote yourself to creating happiness in the world
  2. To achieve the state of “giving heart” as your life purpose
  3. To live for spiritual richness

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