Power of Ki Workshop

The Power of Ki : Good Fortune from the Buddha

Free Spirit of Buddhism, make Life your Art!
~ Ki can be a measurement to know one’s power of good fortune.
~ Ki is effective in Oriental Medicine, also in martial arts.
~ Ki is the universal energy for everything,
~ Ki affects each relationship between you and another person.
~ Ki creates your destinyPower of Ki 2

The First Principle of Ki

Ki follows your:
Words, Image and state of your Heart.
These three are the way to practice
“Mahayana Nembutsu Samadhi” (Buddhist Chanting)
These three control Ki and decide your destiny
because Ki is in your subconscious.
Experience how your Ki and Body changes by
your state of Heart, your Image, your Words

~ Ki can also be used as a measurement to know how one’s power of good fortune is
~ Through Ki work you can imagine the future of the other person.
~ If your Ki is comfortable, light and warm – your future is comfortable, light and warm.

And there is more to experience: feeling the Ki is not a super sense,
it’s a primal sense that everybody has.

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