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Comments from participants of

Power of Ki: Good Fortune from the Buddha


I came into the Ki workshop hoping to learn a way to control my thoughts to stop dwelling and living in my own head more than the world around me.

The workshop has taught me that the energy that I put into the world and that I live my life through doesn’t come from a space of analysis and thought it comes from my connections with the people around me and a deep source of happiness and love that should always stay consistent.

I find this workshop to be very enlightening and have left with a sense of peace and calm. This single experience has given me to my daily life.


Wow! This workshop has filled me with so much happiness and that everything will be okay.

It has come at the very moment in my life when I needed this guidance.

Thank you so much for a really fun, yet deep, experience!!

My heart feels so easy now, and my faith feels strong.


It was a very moving workshop and helped me get a better sense of how conscious I was about my surroundings.

I felt much more relaxed after this workshop and would definitely come back.



I came to this workshop to learn the “Ki”, but couldn’t feel as much as wanted, I guess it so deep to learn in just one workshop.

I don’t feel this much Ki and chant Nembutsu, so this was a very good experience for me.



Attending the Power of Ki workshop was a perfect start to the day and a great thing to do before going to work in a hectic restaurant.

The experience grounded me and woke up parts of my spiritual self that had been sleeping for awhile!

Being at the Tao Sangha center gives my heart a feeling that I have never had before and it is important to me to have it in my life

for full heart happiness and to encourage and foster happiness in others. Thank you again for a beautiful day.


I love to laugh and share Ki. Tao Sangha remind me that we are made and born to love each other.

Thanks for everything.


Always instructive and enlightening. Every day I try to take these lessons to heart.

Excellent workshop!




– Positive

– Fun

– Light

– Laughter



This workshop has the power to change the world!

It changed my life and I believe it can change the life of all.

I wish it spreads everywhere, specially to children.


Very heart warming, relaxing and enjoyable. Mogi was a great presenter.

All positive participants.

Great energy.


Surprising that people can experience this difference in “Ki” without any previous experience.

Sometime we think that person is so negative… heavy, etc. but this person just doesn’t know how to shift. For same people they realized for the first time, how to shift.


Thank you very much for today’s workshop.

I couldn’t feel Ki when I try hard to feel it, so next time I’ll be more neutral.

I’ll try to not be selfish, keep good Ki and make a good habit.

I understand that “Ki is the Key” right?




I did same workshop twice, but always so much fun & lots of happiness & joy during the workshop.

If I can carry same Ki in daily life, How much richer, happier.

Thank you.



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