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The International Tao Shiatsu Society has one of the highest standards and most vibrant systems of Tao Shiatsu training in the world. Teachers are trained in Japan and offer this revolutionary healing method for western students. The unique hands-on curriculum allows students to realize the core principles of Oriental Medicine and become effective Tao Shiatsu therapists.

Tao Shiatsu originates from the 5,000 year-old Oriental hand-healing tradition of “Ki” (Japanese for life energy) medicine that fully acknowledges the spiritual aspect in both illness and wellness. Master Ryokyu Endo, founder of Tao shiatsu has developed a highly effective system of health care and healing which promotes harmony within individuals, in their relationship to society, and ultimately with the source of life, or the Tao.

Tao Shiatsu’s touch is a deep sustained pressure on energy meridians on different parts and points of the receiver’s clothed body. Practitioners use palms, thumbs, forearms, knees, feet, and most importantly ki and heart to give a treatment. By supporting and stimulating the internal healing power of the individual, a Tao Shiatsu treatment releases energy toxins and transforms negative ki into positive ki.

Shiatsu Therapy’s original intention was to enable the therapist to give with responsibility for the development of the whole person, physically, mentally and spiritually. While remaining profoundly rooted in the holistic spirit of Oriental Medicine, Tao Shiatsu is revolutionary in its five new elements and extends the meridian research begun by Master Shizuto Masunaga. These advances in shiatsu therapy offer solutions to the health challenges of the technological age.

The study of Tao Shiatsu is an exceptional opportunity not only for those who are interested in Oriental Medicine and bodywork, but also for anyone who is seeking the discovery of their true self, and hidden abilities. The training program is a chance to directly experience the mystery of the Ki world and the greatness of the heart. It is for anyone truly wishing for the health, healing, and spiritual development of humankind.

Currently, Introductory Courses are offered in Madison, USA and in Montréal, Sutton, Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada., and Practitioner training courses are offered in Madison, Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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