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The following lectures are from the Tao Shiatsu International.

The Heart of Kyo-Jitsu Diagnosis in Eastern Medicine
Studying Eastern Tradition As people who grew up in the modern age and had a western style education, and now take an interest in eastern culture, we need first of all to understand that the study of eastern philosophy and the healing arts that evolved out of eastern thinking require us to change something in our perception.

Ryokyu Endo answers about Tao Shiatsu
Q1. Master Endo, what you think is the meaning of Shiatsu for our time age? Mum mum mum, what a big subject! If the question is in regards to “Shiatsu” in general, first let’s make clear that manual therapy has existed since beginning of mankind.

Awakening of Internal Tao Shiatsu
What is Tao Shiatsu? Why were we born in this world? And why do we exist now?

The experience of study with Ryokyu Endo
Ryokyu Endo frequently refers back to Masunaga sensei as his teacher and the inspiration to research what it was that Masunaga was doing and how he got the results he did.

How can Spirituality be re-discovered in Zen Shiatsu?
The reason why Master Masunaga chose the name “Zen Shiatsu” as the international name for Keiraku Shiatsu (Meridian Shiatsu) was not just for show.

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